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With science and innovation at heart, Fischer Pharmaceuticals has been caring for your overall health for over 55 years, successfully providing superior products using the most updated technology. Our products are safe and exceptionally gentle, integrating the latest scientific developments to best meet your different needs.

Committed to the Purest Ingredients
Every ingredient is carefully chosen for its effectiveness and safety, minimizing the risk of allergies and sensitivity. We place all of our products through rigorous clinical testing to ensure that nothing but the best ingredients are used in the process.

Dedicated Resources & Research
We understand that nothing is more important than your health; that is why we have dedicated our resources and research to develop our scientific approach. With over five decades since its establishment, Fischer Pharmaceuticals utilizes the most recent breakthroughs in pharmaceutical technology while continually setting trends and norms in the industry with leading products.

Driven by Consumer Needs
With ever changing consumer needs, we at Fischer Pharmaceuticals take it upon ourselves to understand what consumers want and use science to meet their evolving needs. Shifting away from a “tell” model of product development to an “ask” one, our use of science makes this personalization possible, providing a springboard for innovative products.

New Developments – Results of our Research
Thanks to the collaboration of doctors, pediatricians, dermatologists, ophthalmologists and nutritionists, Fischer Pharmaceuticals enjoys a true understanding of hair, skin, eyes, face and body care. We intensely research each field and analyze the influences which in turn inspire new use of ingredients and formulations.

Combining Science & Nature
At Fischer Pharmaceuticals, we have created advanced beauty and personal care products based on our profound scientific understanding of nature’s elements. Our unique knowledge of nature’s essential qualities was integrated in our products to promote health, wellness and beauty from inside and out. Technological precision and refined purity lie within the essence of our innovation to address your evolving needs.