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The most unique and technologically advanced series of wipes for the thorough cleansing and maintenance of your eyes

Dr. Fischer Eye-Care is the only ophthalmic based cleansing wipes for the hygienic care of eyelids and lashes. The product undergoes a purification process taking the production standards to the highest levels. Dr. Fischer Eye-Care pre-moistened towelettes contain a soothing ophthalmic solution that is formulated to the pH of tears and employ an embossed texture for enhanced surface cleansing of the eye surrounds. Dr. Fischer Eye-Care is designed to suit a variety of eye conditions and can be applied for both daily and medical usage, ensuring a safer and more effective care.

The Dr. Fischer Eye-Care line is comprised of patented, exclusive developments from Dr. Fischer’s research laboratories, which have specialized in the development of sterile ophthalmic preparations and the care of countless numbers of eyes for over 45 years.