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100% fragrance free range containing probiotic ingredients to prevent irritations and strengthen sensitive and tired skin.

A revolutionary innovation in ProBioBalane ™ technology used to strengthen the skin’s natural defenses and prevent irritation.
The R&D laboratories at Dr. Fischer researched and found that probiotic ingredients derived from milk are vital for the balance of the natural anti-aging mechanism in skin cells;

Probiotics help rehabilitate and strengthen the natural layers of protection in sensitive and tired skin.
Encourage a higher skin cell renewal rate.
Provide sensitive skin with the natural nutrition it needs.
Help reduce skin redness.

The Sensitive Probiotic range contains high level (SPF32), broad spectrum (UVA and UVB) sunscreen to protect the skin, anti-oxidants (Vitamins A, E and CM GLUCAN) for protection against free radicals and environmental damage, which are the major cause of irritation in sensitive skin, wrinkles and damage that accumulates over the years.

* 100% Fragrance-Free * Hypoallergenic * Tested by Dermatologists * Sensitive – ideal for extra sensitive skin