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Eli Fischer was born in Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia and came to Palestine with his family at the age of 3.
He earned his mater’s degree cum laude at the age of 23, following which he was accepted for doctoral studies at Harvard University. Later, after receiving a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of California, he decided to return to Israel, where he subsequently established an innovative plant for producing new types of medications under the name of “Dr. Fischer, Inc.”, today a well-known brand name.

His private life and community work are an integral part of his scientific and business achievements. Dr. Eli Fischer is a father to three daughters: Dafna, Sigal and Nurit. He is a scientist, industrialist and a well known brand name.

“Dr. Fischer The Man Behind the Logo” is the story of a child running barefoot in the streets of Tel-Aviv, evading British soldiers during the time of Mandate, a boy who loved animals and flew kites, a student who suddenly discovered the opposite sex and medicinal plants, a young man who taught blind children and brought them into a world they could not see, and an outstanding doctoral candidate in the U.S. who chose to return to Israel to build his home.
It is the story of a home and a family, of grief and joy, of obstacles and successes – a revealing and gripping chronicle of life covering decades of growth of not only his own struggle and achievements, but also those of Jewish Palestine and the State of Israel.

Dr. Fischer’s courageous and enterprising spirit helped him succeed in realizing his dream of establishing a plant for the producing medications that would prolong life and improve its quality. It is a narrative of a long journey on a road which led far beyond what he has ever imagined.

The autobiography book of Dr. Eli Fischer was published in 3 languages: English, Hebrew and Russian.