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Dr. Fischer Derma Soft cream and wipes for thorough cleaning, local relief and sedation for those suffering from hemorrhoids and irritation.

Hemorrhoids are a common condition in both men and women alike. Half the population suffers from hemorrhoids occasionally and sometimes for extended periods of time.

Hemorrhoids are dilated blood vessels generated by continuous local pressure and cause pain in addition to discomfort, itching and bleeding.

Main reasons for hemorrhoids:
Sitting for multiple hours, pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, strenuous exercise and improper diet

Treatment of hemorrhoids includes proper nutrition, exercise and maintaining local hygiene.
• Eat a diet rich in fiber, such as whole fruits and vegetables
• Drink a lot of fluids
• Avoid sitting for long periods, stress and effort while in the bathroom
• Make sure the local hygiene and clean the area well hygienic wipes specifically tailored to treat hemorrhoids
• Use the recommended treatment cream containing natural plant extract witch hazel to calm and alleviate local irritation