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Wash oil, immediately treats and relives dry skin conditions. Effective from the first bath!

Baby Wash Oil
Proven effective – Immediately treats and relieves dry skin conditions – works from the first bath!

Dry skin is very common among infants, especially in their first year of life. Dryness can occur as a result of birth itself or sometimes as a result of climatic conditions, air-conditioning and home heating devices.
Emol has been especially developed to cleanse and protect a baby’s skin health against chaps, redness and dryness.
The wash is extra skin-friendly – 100% soap-free, SLS and preservative free. You will see immediate results the very first time you use it!
The wash oil is enriched with carefully selected herbal and mineral oils. Emol is hypoallergenic and sensitive-approved with convenient pump-action dispenser for ease of use when holding a baby.
Recommended by Pediatricians & Dermatologists.