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100% fragrance free range containing probiotic ingredients to prevent irritations and strengthen sensitive and tired skin.

As a result of living in the urban environment, our facial skin is exposed every day to air pollution and soot that cause skin damage and premature aging. Our facial skin needs a protective layer.

Therefore, we developed the Probiotic series, which contains Integrated and advanced protection for sensitive skin and helps to protect skin in the urban environment. These products are ideal for younger, fresher and healthier skin.

The series contains an active ProBioBalance ™ complex containing probiotic and unique milk ingredients to help strengthen the natural protection of the skin. In addition, the series products contain an advanced ingredient called EXO-P ™ that is known to help protect the skin from climate damage and an urban environment saturated with air pollution, which also contains carbon compounds, soot, and cigarette smoke.

* 100% Fragrance-Free * Hypoallergenic * Dermatologically Tested * Sensitive Approved