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At Dr. Fischer we combine 55 years of experience, research and international medical knowledge to develop the most advanced products for the health and treatment of your family at every stage of life. Committed to our customers, safety and products of highest quality, we continue to emphasize innovation, which is evident in all of our products.

Commitment to quality, safety and a healthy occupational environment

The Dr. Fischer logo and slogan fulfill the promise of a quality product that represents the best available health and skincare for all the family.

Our company’s policy acknowledges quality preservation, environmental management and occupational health and safety as the organization’s guidelines; we are committed to this policy in each component of our activities. Implementation and adherence to national and international standards and regulatory requirements can be seen beginning with raw material purchasing, to receiving and storage of materials in warehouses, through the manufacturing processes, and ending with the filling and packaging of final product to the satisfaction of our customers. All of this is done while protecting the environment and providing a safe and healthy work experience for employees, contractors and visitors.

Raw materials – we use the most advanced and highest quality of raw materials.

Product Development – We perform extensive testing and continuous evaluation of the quality and safety of products in development stage.

Manufacturing and packaging of products – we conduct extensive testing during the manufacturing process to ensure that finished products reach our customers with the highest quality and guaranteed safety.

Environmental Management – We produce, process, package, store and transport while protecting the environment and preventing environmental pollution.

Occupational safety and health – we implement processes and activities to ensure the health, safety and prevention of injury to our employees, contractors and service providers.



Our management system and all operational processes and activities adhere to international quality standards:

ISO 9001- The standard for the manufacturing of cosmetic preparations and medical accessories.  view certificate

ISO 22716 – The standard that specifies the proper production requirements for cosmetics factories – GMP.  view certificate

ISO 13485 – The standard for the manufacturing of medical devices.  view certificate

ISO 18001- The standard for occupational health and safety. view certificate

ISO 14001- The standard for environmental management. view certificate

Ecocert – The standard of natural & organic cosmetics.  view certificate

EU Regulation 1223/2009 – Cosmetics Regulation

U.S. FDA registered

Colipa (European standards) – Notified through the CPNP (European system).

Dr. Fischer products are manufactured under the strictest and most meticulous international quality control standards as well as employing the purest, safest and tested ingredients.   Dr. Fischer products are not tested on animals.