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Treatment of wrinkles and skin-firming for the face and neck. For dry to extra dry skin

Dr. Fischer R&D laboratories have produced the exclusive Genesis Anti-Wrinkle Lycopene, which offers the most advanced and effective technology for immediate and long-term treatment against wrinkles. Immediately and noticeably firms and plumps-up the skin; simultaneously provides long term anti-aging protection against wrinkles. In addition, the Lycopene range contain high level, broad spectrum (UVA and UVB) sun protection.

The anti-wrinkle facial care range contains a patented 100% natural Lycopene (tomato source) complex that includes: Lycopene, Phytoene, Phytofluene and Beta- Carotene.

The synergistic activity of this innovative complex performs as a powerful antioxidant to help prevent damage to the skin caused by pollutants and free radicals, helps prevent cellular DNA skin damage, encourages collagen and elastin production and helps guard the skin’s elasticity and firmness.