Active and Effective superior treatment for children’s hair hygiene.
Highly Effective-Patented* Complex -100% natural herbal oils.

The Dr. Fischer Research Laboratories have invested much effort over the past many years in developing Comb & Care® Active, an exclusive product for children’s optimal hygienic hair treatment that ensures a clean head of hair within 15 minutes.

  • A highly active and unique complex of 100% natural herbal oils well-known for their effectiveness in maintaining hair and scalp hygiene in children: Rosemary, Tea Tree, Neem, Lemon Grass, Geranium and Andiroba.

  • A unique silicone complex keeps hair soft to make combing with a fine-tooth comb easier.

  • Specifically designed for children. Easy, safe and simple to use.

  • Natural citrus fragrance.

  • COMD&CARE ACTIVE - Proven effective.

    *patent pending